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  Name Meaning Derivations Origin La'a Sunny   Tongan Laaka Carefree, The lark bird.   Tongan Labibi Lady Labiby French, Arabic Labrenda Sword Labreana, Labreanah, Labreann, Labreanna, Labreannah, Labreanne, Labrenna, Labrennah, Labrinda, Labrindah, Labrynda, Labryndah Old Norse Lace Delicate fabric.   English Lacey Delicate fabric. lacea, Lacee, Laci, Lacia, Laciah, Laciann, Lacianna, Lacianne, Lacie, Lacy, Laicee, Laicey, Laici, Laicia, Laiciah, Laicie, Laicy, Laycee, Laycey, Layci, Layciah, Laycy English  Lachandra The moon. Lachanda, Lachandah, Lachander, Lachandrah, Lachandrica, Lachandrice, Lachandryce American, Sanskrit Laciana Beautiful one. Laci, Lacie Italian Lachianina From the land of lakes. A feminine form of Lachlan. Lachianinah, Lachyanina, Lachyaninah, Lachlanee, Lachlani, Lachlania, Lachlanie, Lachlany, Locklanee, Locklaney, Locklani, Locklanie, Locklany Scottish Lacole Victory of the people. A form of Nicole. Lacola, Lacolla, Lacolle, Lecola, Lecole, Lecolla, Lecolle Italian Lacrecia Wealthy Lacrasha, Lacreash, Lacrasha, Lacreashia, Lacresha, Lacreshah, Lacreshia, Lacreshiah, Lacresia, Lacretia, Lacretiah, Lacretya, Lacretyah, Lacricia, Lacriciah, Lacrisha, Lacrishia, Lacrishiah, Lacrycia, Lacryciah, Lacrychya, Lacrychyah Latin Lacy Delicate fabric. Larissa, Lacey English Lada Goddes of beauty. Ladah, Ladia, Ladiah, Ladya, Ladyah Russian Ladana The mother of the Gods. Ladanah, Ladann, Ladanna, Ladannah, Ladanne Finnish, Celtic Ladancia The morning star. Ladanicah, Ladanicka, Ladanika, Ladanikah, Ladanyca, Ladanycah, Ladanycka, Ladanyka, Ladanykah French, Slavic Ladasha Gift of God. Ladashah American, Russian, Greek Ladawna The dawning. Ladawn, Ladawnah, Ladawne, Ladawnee, Ladawni, Ladawnia, Ladawniah, Ladawnie, Ladawny English Ladivina Divine Ladivinah, Ladivine, Ladivyna, Ladivynah, Ladivyne, Ladyvyna, Ladyvynah, Ladyvyne English Ladonna Lady Ladona, Ladonah, Ladonia, Ladoniah, Ladonnah, Ladonnia, Ladonniah, Ladonnya, Ladonnyah, Ladonya, Ladonyah Italian, Spanish Laella Elf Lael, Laela, Laele, Laell, Laelle, Laila, Laila, Laile, Lailla, Laillah, Laille, Laylla, Laylle French, English Laikin

Baby names for girls starting with L ... Name: Meaning: Derivations: Origin: La'a: Sunny : Tongan: Laaka: Carefree, The lark bird.

Lukah - StormLukah - StormLukah - Storm